Will Workers Comp Cover Auto Injuries?

Will Workers Comp Cover Auto Injuries

We have been asked the question: will workers comp cover auto injuries. This is a bit of a loaded question as the circumstances surrounding the auto injury typically determine if the coverage will kick in. There are many gray areas and misconceptions about an employee who becomes injured while driving for work. The main question is, what was the employee doing (and where was he/she going) at the time of the accident/injury? Did the employee take a side (personal) trip?

What if an employer gives the employee the option to go straight from home to the first appointment of the day (rather than going to the office first)—is the morning trip considered work time, or is it considered part of that employee’s daily commute (otherwise known as the “Coming and Going” rule)? These questions play an important role in the consideration of accepting or denying a workers compensation claim. As the employer, it is important that you consult with your insurance agent and ask these tough questions so you are knowledgeable and give the correct guidance to your employees.

Your written company policies should reflect your findings, and employees who travel as part of their work duties should be apprised of the full scope of their financial protection so they don’t have unseen personal auto gaps.

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