Cybersecurity for Remote Workers

Cybersecurity for remote workers

Cybersecurity for remote workers is essential especially since many businesses and their employees will continue to work remotely for at least the near future. In this landscape, it is important to consider what cybersecurity structures you have in place for at-home workers.

Your business may require employees to use only company computers and phones while working from home, since a personal computer might not have an adequate level of security.

Businesses should consider how private information is transmitted, stored and disposed of in these remote working environments. For example, an employer could provide a shredder for employees at home if sensitive paperwork is a necessary part of the job. If that sensitive information must be transmitted via internet, ensure that an encryption platform is used to send out such information (both internally, as well as externally). Further, the employee’s work computer should be set up with multifactor authentication to enhance protections and prevent anyone else from accessing company accounts.

A cyber liability policy should be considered in tandem with a business’s IT structure, because there will always be a weakness and hackers are always trying to break in. Know before you shop for coverage that insurers insist upon solid cyber risk prevention, so be prepared to show you are serious about protecting your systems and your data.

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