Are You Insured Against Riots and Civil Unrest?

Insured Against Riots and Civil Unrest

Considering the recent increase in riots and social unrest, you may wonder whether your property insurance will respond if you face property damage as a result of a civil disturbance. The answer is usually yes. Most property policies cover damage from riots and civil disturbances. Insurers designed both the business owners policy and the commercial property policy to protect business owners against certain losses from civil unrest. However, you may need additional coverage for plate-glass windows and inventory spoilage.

If you must suspend business operations due to a civil disturbance, you may lose income. Your property or package policy may provide coverage for business income losses but normally only if your building sustains damage or civil authorities restrict your access. Damage to your commercial building and vehicles is subject to your deductible and any limits on your policy. Now is a great time to call your agent to review your property coverage as the summer heats up and before riots become the norm.

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