You Can Control Business Auto Costs

Control Business Auto Costs

You can control business auto costs. If you have been stunned by the high cost of commercial auto insurance, you are probably ready to reduce and better control business auto costs and find the best terms available. Two key steps are minimizing distracted driving and collecting and assessing data.

One of the biggest distractions while driving is smartphone use. Your business can implement a ban on cell phone use while driving and put some teeth to it by rewarding those who comply and punishing those who don’t. While drivers may balk at in-cabin cameras or other monitoring software, your best employees will understand and look forward to the financial bonus of compliance.

Telematics devices, which track speed, erratic driving, routes taken, and unexpected stops, provide important data that your safety team can use to train, retrain, reward and discipline drivers. You can also use such data—if it indicates a culture of safe driving—to improve your insurability and possibly even your premiums. Ask your broker or agent for suggestions on the best devices for your company. You may find your insurer already has a telematics program you can piggyback on.

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