Weatherproof Properties to Reduce Damage

Weatherproof Properties to Reduce Damage

Here are some tips to help prevent weather damage to your properties.

Inspect your building for cracks and seal above-grade exposures. Water seepage can cause mold and other damage, which might not be covered by your insurance.

Clean gutters. Clogged gutters can cause roof, ceiling and wall damage, excluded from coverage as a maintenance issue.

Anchor storage sheds and outbuildings. Secure dumpsters, lighting and fencing to prevent them from becoming projectiles or suffering damage themselves.
Trim dead branches. Falling tree limbs can cause severe damage to your property and that of others.

Protect your vehicles. Consider moving your fleet before storms, wildfires or floods. Having a disaster preparedness plan in place can help you execute such a move efficiently.
Inspect your roof at least annually. Ensure that your roof is in good repair and has properly rated shingles that are appropriate for high winds. Be sure your air-handling units are secure and that roof decking is properly attached.

By taking appropriate maintenance measures, you can prevent costly losses, some of which will be excluded from coverage if you have been remiss.