Should You Include Executives in Workers Comp?

Should You Include Executives in Workers Comp

Should you include executives in workers comp coverages? Workers compensation laws differ from state to state, and one of the key differences is whether your company’s officers must be included in your workers compensation insurance. Your type of business entity (S-Corp, LLC, etc.) normally will govern their inclusion or exclusion.

When considering if officers would like to include or exclude themselves from workers compensation, theyshould consider the following:

1. Are officers automatically included or excluded from workers compensation?

2. How does your medical insurance plan respond to work-related incidents? Will medical insurance pay for an incident if the executive declines workers compensation coverage?

3. What necessary forms are needed upon insurance renewal?

4. If forms are not completed correctly, will the workers compensation audit result in additional premium for the officers’ payroll?

5. What are the minimum and maximum payrolls for workers compensation in your state?

There are good reasons for exclusion of executives from workers comp and to include executives in workers comp—so review your options carefully from both the corporate and individual perspectives.

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