Don’t Ignore Water Stains On Your Ceiling

Water Stains On Your Ceiling

Water stains are a sign of roof problems. Many businesses put off repairing leaking roofs until the water actually starts dripping through the ceiling, and even then, some just place buckets under the leak. Those delays can cause serious property damage and liability exposures. If you don’t address a leak when you know about it, you could forfeit insurance protection for any damage it causes.

A water leak that cause water stains can happen because of a broken pipe, a damaged or worn roof, or failed seals on windows or doors. It might even be a one-time event because a door or window was left or forced open during a storm. Depending on the source of the water intrusion, you might experience only sporadic inconvenience, or you might see stains or wall/ceiling damage that result from substantial damage that went undetected. It is imperative that you investigate the cause and stop the leak as soon as possible.

Cleanup of any wetted surfaces should also be a priority, but ruined wallboard or other building components should be reported under an insurance claim. An adjuster might need photos of the damage, or repair or remediation receipts, if you need to take immediate action for safety reasons.

Water leaks can cause electrical problems, even leading to wiring damage and fire. They can also cause fungus to grow unseen, spreading spores that can sicken employees and patrons. Ignoring a water stain means leaving a leak—slow and chronic or large and sporadic—unrepaired can also damage your structure, ruining walls and ceilings, and stressing support structures.

Ignoring water stains can leave you financially unprotected if a fire occurs, people are sickened, or injuries occur. Learn your responsibilities under your commercial insurance contracts and stay in compliance to receive the fullest coverage.

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